bFIT Kids Club’s purpose is to equip and educate adolences ages 7-15 to develop a healthier lifestyle thru fitness and nutrition workshops, while aiding in preventative heathcare that will lead to a stronger and healthier life.


bFIT Kids Club is committed to providing nutritional education, fitness programs, and therapeutic and spiritual resources to their participants, while aiding in preventive healthcare that will lead to stronger and healthier life. bFIT Kidz  Club is dedicated to focusing on serving disadvantaged, distressed, low-income families and communities locally.


bFIT Kids partners with   various professional and organizations of mutual purpose. These partnerships are designed to create and sustain long-term positive influences that result in lasting generational heritage. bFIT Kids Club partnerships currently include but are not limited to bFIT4Life Ministries –Studio dba The bFIT Studio, Victory Outreach Camden Church and PBCIP.