On May 5th, 2013 I set out to complete my 2nd 10miler.  Whoot!!  I choose the  Broad Street Run for my second 10miler because I knew the course and wanted to go for a new personal record.  It is a pretty flat down hill course with just a slight elevation up hill at 2.25 miles in. I this the course is great for beginners long distant runners like myself. This race became very sentimental because of the recent tragedy at this years Boston Marathon.  The city of Philadelphia rallied together to show love and honor to the citizens of Boston. We all wore RED SOXs to commemorate Boston. Runners came together 40,000 strong for Boston. My socks we ankle high because of my compression capris.

IMG_0042The Broad Street Run is the largest 10miler in the US and I felt privileged to be chosen to run this year.  This year was based on a lottery system.  Each year the race sells out in a few hours on the day that registration opens. The theme for this years run changed from just #BSR to From Philly to Boston with love!


After hearing about the Boston Marathon Bombing, I had reservations on competing in the race, but I was inspired that my husband made a commitment to support me at this event after my 1st 5K this year , the Adrenaline Run.  Him wanting to take time off from preaching his regular Sunday sermon to come out and support me really meant alot. This made his second race for me this year, so I was pretty excited to go and compete and enjoy the running experience  I rocked my natural fro for the first time in public 🙂 .


We set out to drive to Philly from our home in New Jersey at about 6:45 am.

My pre- race meal was very simple.  I didn’t have my favorite Protein Shake of  Isagenix IsaLean Pro shakes because I ran out of  my supply, so I had a Vega One Berry Shake with a banana.  My fuel and hydration during the race was the Isagenix More Energy Electro Supplement.  I also had an e+shot on my drive into Philly.  I felt I was pretty hydrated for this race as I started my hydration on Thursday.  Knowing that the weather was going to very warm, hydration was very important. My Post workout meal, another Vega One Performance Shake was already to go in my nap pack along with my sandals.


After crossing the bridge and before approaching the start line, I needed to make a  pit stop for a bathroom run, so we visited a friends home just as she was about to leave for church.  I knew the port-a-potties would be very full with lines and wanted to avoid that.  After reaching the start line and I said my goodbyes to the hub, I made my way to my coral wave.  It was very conjested.  I had to cut across the street where the Orange Coral began to get to the green Coral. It was an impossible task.  I had to pardon and excuse my way through the sea of runners.  The race was beginning and I knew I still need to get in some stretching.  This was impossible to do because I felt like a sardine packed in a can.  I gave up hope trying to get to the Green Coral and just stayed put and took the time to get in a few stretches. I was trying to meet up with a former Coach friend so that we could start running together but it didn’t happen.  I could not get to the start of my Coral to find her. IMG_0049 As the race started and the runners started moving, I was able to gain more room to stretch and get a good 5 minute warmer up.  Wearing my sweats did help with my warmup and stretches. I waited until the green Coral wave was suppose to start before I started running.

The Race started and I was off!  I go to the first .25 mile and had to stop at the first set of potties.  It was go now or later.  I decided to go NOW instead of later.  This lost me some time on my Garmin. 😦 Because the pause was too long . At the start of this race I wanted to go for a PR, but decided to just enjoy the run and complete the race to the finish.  This race was personal to me because it taught me about perseverance   I feel like I didn’t do alot of training for this race and wanted to play it safe.  I wanted to stretch the boarders of my mind, will and challenge my physical strength.  Somes we feel like we can not complete a task and that it seems too hard.

Here are shots while waiting at the potty. I took the time to also get in more stretches While waiting in line.  These lines were not too long.


I was off down Broad Street again enjoying the beats from my playlist.  Groovin!! I had a great mix of songs that helped me get in a few sprints along the way.  There was a greater showing of North Philly spectators out this year then from my previous BSR in 2011.  I was excited about that.  As I approached mile 3 at Temple University the  football band was out cheering and playing, “This Girls is on Fire.”  What motivation to finish this race? I was inspired and feeling the fire of finishing in my heart.

My parents were trying to meet me at the halfway mark, which was Spring Garden & Broad Street. To cheer me on but they were stuck in traffic on the I95 due to a car accident.  My hub was driving down from the startline to caught me too, but I had already past mile marker 5.  I felt like a road runner at the point although I am not, so I encouraged him to get to the finishline in hopes that he could get a good photo of me coming through the finish. At this time I was feeling pretty good.  Legs were feeling pretty strong.  I was getting a great sweat because I was warmed up and supplments were running through me.  I ate half of a PowerBar after mile maker 5. The Electro More Energy by Isagenix was fueling me well too and Adrenaline started kicking in as I was approaching CIty Hall. Thinking to myself more that halfway and let’s get her done! 🙂

As you make the turn around City Hall, you begin to expereince the spirit of the City.  South Philly is where the crowd hangs out.  So many cheering groups, speactators and people with signs. A beautiful site to see.

Running down Broad Street on the Southside. Many BSR fans come out to show there love and support for this sport.  I began to feel so many feelings at this time.  I wanted to cry because I knew that the finishline was not too far away.  I knew that my body was holding up and legs and glutes were doing okay.  As I reached mile maker 7, I took time to stretch my quads and felt the need for a hip flexor stretch too.  Here is were the rubber meets the road and the body wanted to stop and walk the rest of the way, but I keep forging forward.  I did take a few 30 sec walk breaks, but each time a runner pass you by and say. Come on Let’s Go, so I had to keep truckin.

IMG_0054To take my mind off of what my body was feeling, I began admiring the different race attire of the runners. A group of runners dressed up like Dunkin Donuts Coffee Cups ran by me. I thought this to be very funny site. Adrenaline kicked in again and out of no where I really felt a burst of energy and felt like a roadrunner spirit coming on. I began passing people and reeling in on others. WOW I thought!

Many people were running in memory for a loved one.  I personally run alot of my long distance races in honor of my son Daniel, who has Cerebral Palsy and can not walk nor run. As I know that at times his physical pain can be hard, I know that I can endure pounding the pavement a few extra miles for him.

IMG_0055One aspiration for me during the race was to see a blind lady running with her guide.  Here is a picture of a blind runner running. What a message this was to me and many others.  If this wasn’t perseverance and resiliency then what is?

This Race was coming to a close for me as I apporached the Stadiums.  I begin to think about where I started from and if I could still have a personal record .  I know I lost time on the Garmin from the start of .25 mile . Coming up on mile marker 9 I know I was nearing the shipyard where the finishline awaits, my right hamstring because to feel a little hung and wanted to tell me to sit down.  At that moment my motivatation song came on, “Can you Feel it”, by the Jackson Fives.  This song makes me want to dance after a very hard workout .  I could feel victory in my heart nearing the finish.  I could see the Finishline shoot and the mayor of Philadelphia, Mayor Nutter high fiving runners passing through.  Yes victory was here as I sprinted to and through the finishline.

IMG_0056Almost there!


And we’re just about done.  Time for the finishers Bling and to meet up with my friend Jessi!


Me and Jessi. I was so happy to see her.  She was a great Trainer.  I so loved her stretches and would of loved to had a session after this run. I am sure I  passed my Hub at mile marker 9.25, I know he was there to cheer me on.

Finishers Bling!! Nothing like running for a prize. 


In closing, after it is all said and done the results.  It wasn’t a PR, but PERSEVERANCE .  It actually took me longer than my first run in 2011 by 1 minute.  Still a success. I was happy because I had another great run on the books for the year and I need to keep going.  I do desire to too a half marathon this year because I know I can.

My Results.  I have to really work on getting to that steady 10:00 pace.

I hope your enjoyed my Broad Street Journey and thanks for reading.