My first 5K of 2013.


Let’s go! The Haddonfield Adrenaline Run was full of adrenaline.  I was amped for this race to break a PR and to start my running season off in high gear.  After not running consistently in over a year due to recovering from some lower back pain issues just diagnosed  and some piriformis pain.  I feel stronger and ready to conqueror some goals. I was blessed to have my hub and son support me at this race to cheer me on.

I use running to break some mental barriers and physical challenges because my son has Cerebral Palsy and can not walk or run, so my running is all in honor of him especially when I feel the need  to give up.


I had a restful evening the night before.  I hydrated,  stretched and made it a day of rest.  Getting to bed by 9:30 pm and rising at 6:00 am.  Started my day with my Isagenix IsaPro shake and an hour before race time I took an Isagenix e+shot energy drink. This was the first race I get to test my Garmin Forerunner 10.  It is very new to me and I still have to get used to it from coming from  my Polar HR. I forgot to stop the Garmin after coming across the finishline. Uggh!   I was running with the prize in mind of hitting a PR from my last time of 36:54.  I wasn’t expecting alot of hills in the race, but it was a great indication of where I need to take my future training.  Hills are a challenge but the great thing is that during this race my legs did not get heavy. Yay!


I attribute all my race pictures by my husband, Dan.  He is the ‘b’ in bFIT4Life .

The community of Haddonfield was out to support and that is such a joy.  The BGR community was thick too. They are such a great support and encouragement to the women. I wanted to represent with my BGR tee, but couldn’t find it and my hub said rep your own brand. The calmerotery was great among the runners.  I was really impressed to see alot of moms running and pushing strollers with child.  I was blessed by alot of the children and families out running together.  Running is such a great  sport and a way to get into shape and stay in shape. Running is the one sport that makes me feel like an athlete. It hard at times and make we want to cry, but today there were not tears just ADRENALINE!

My hub was impressed with a few firefighters that ran the race with gear and fire hoses. This was strength, endurance and perseverance for sure.


The was my first hilly 5K and I thought it was a great training run for my future runs for the year. Down hill is great!  you get a great recovery time and for me to make up time.

According to Garmin my pace was 11:34.  Our goal is to run a 10 minute mile for our upcoming  10miler, the Broad Street Run.

Coming in for the home stretch!  The Jackson Fives song ” Can you feel it” grooving on my iPod.  It was the perfect finisher song.  I finish alot of my workouts with this song because it makes me want to dance. I was glad to see the time on the clock.  There I knew I was going to break my PR of 36:54.

Now home to recovery. One thing about outdoor running I don’t like is when it is windy.  Today was very mild.  We didn’t have much wind which was good because my eyes wouldn’t be running, but after the run my allergies or sinuses kicked in. Tylenol sinus here I come.


After everything was said and done, I was happy with the race. Glad that it didn’t rain as the forecast called for.  My heart is full of joy for stepping out and completing another race.  Thinking about my favorite quote, ” Discipline is know what you want.”


” I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippinas 3:14