Day two of my Isagenix Cleanse for Life cleanse . This is the day the fat burn begins. FIRE IT UP! Is what I say. I awoke in a chirpier mood and off to work I went. I was concerned that this day would be tuff for me being at work and not eating or having my lunch to tie me over.

I was truly amazed by the mental focus that I had. It was a very productive day and I felt like my mind was so clear. I made it through the day with just my water and Isa snacks. These are very tasty! I was amazed that I didn’t get very hungry either. I believe the water was doing its job.

The day after my cleanse I was truly amazed at the new energy I had upon waking. I felt like the energizer bunny. This is truly a system that I can incorporate into my lifestyle. I love the feeling of waking up and feeling charged up. I’ve been hearing many raves about how they have been able to release toxins through this system. I look forward to placing my next order of Isagenix 9 day Cleanse and burn system.

THURSDAY The 3rd day after the cleanse. My morning was so refreshing and I felt still energized and ready to conquer my day. I was looking forward to Throwback Thursday Spin class that evening. Spin is a cross train workout for me and a great cardio fusion workout. I love the sweat. Talk about sweat. I have never sweated as my as I did in this class. I had a puddle under my bike. I had sweat dripping from my arms perfussly. The bike was slaughtered in my sweat.

My feet always feel smaller after Spin. Lol

The results
I lost 2lbs and 4 inches Whoot Whoot!

Have ever did a cleanse? If so what kind? What are some benefits have you had from cleansing.