Saturday’s blast off boom boom workout was awesome! I had a full days activities planned and was so looking forward to getting in a great sweat but was short on time.

I felt like putting in some running mileage but I was press for time. I headed to the high school track for some sprints.

The Warm-up
I did one lap of warmup calastetics like straight leg kicks which I love, skip jumps, karaoke and waist twists. I needed a good warmup because my hamstrings have been really tight especially my left one. Warm-up is so important when doing this kind if workout.


I did 10x 80m sprints. I tried going fir as much off completing the 100 as many times as I could but it was stretch. The sprint workout was tuff because it was vey humid out. The air was really thick. I felt like I was suffocation for a little but was finally was able to get the breathing under control.

As I powered down the track I was thinking as if I was Allyson Felix. I love the strength and speed in her legs. I wanted to get as much of a turn over as I could.

Below is me after freshening up and ready for beach activities. I was impressed with my calorie burn for just a 30 minute cardio blast.


Do you do sprints or speed work? What kind of workouts do you like to do when you are short on time?