Here we go. It has been months since I last ran. Today the fever hit me on this National Running Day to pound the pavement because I want to shred the last of my 30lbs of fat. Which seems to taking forever for this trainer. I’ve decided to add Running, sprint intervals and spinning to my weekly workout plan for my cross train days. These are what I call my PUSH days.

The weather is nice and breezy with a mix of clouds. Great for running and taking your workout outside. I am hope to beat the rain. The clouds look pretty thick. I first decided to run the Cooper River Park in Nj but decided to change the scene and do the Kelly Drive Parkway in Philly. I drove the hub into work and headed over.



I am so looking forward to my after workout shake. Yummy Vega Vanilla Chai. This should cure my sweet tooth.


I started my day looking franticly for my run cap because my hair is too natural from taking my weave out. I like my cap. It is blue! Blue is my favorite color.


There were alot of runners, bikers and walkers . I wanted to scream to all the bikers and say, it’s National Running Day get off the bike and run. Some were being aggressive riders and wanted to run me over.

I felt pretty strong on this run. I couldn’t wait to stretch afterward because my hammie’s are still sore from my Monday strength workout. I only set a goal of 4 miles. I ran 3 and walked 1. I thought it was a hard run for me. Felt Vomoliscious in the end. This is when it is so good that you want to puke but don’t.

SO HERE’S to running again.

DID YOU RUN TODAY ? How many miles did you log?