Do you have pain in your lower back? That back pain could really be a pain in the butt. Literally pain from the piriformis muscle. I just learned that the pain in my butt is caused by a tight piriformis muscle. It is one injury that most runners get.

Lets take a closer look here. I had to do some research on this and see where this trouble was coming from and to start recovery and the healing process.

For some time I have been having this lower right back pain. I have had x-rays that show normal, but this pain I have been experience has progressed. So now I am getting physical therapy to release the pain. I laugh every-time I go to therapy, saying to myself the Personal Trainer that needs therapy. Hey who can’t use a little therapy in their life these days.

A runner friend told me that this little guy can help when the foam roller is not intense enough. Have you used MR. Tenny for relief ?

Here are some exercises I do to get some releif. :

The pigeon pose is one of my favs but a difficult one hold because alot of my muscles are tight. Hamstrings, hip flexors and hips. Yes I’m a little out of place. With much consistency we will look just like her in the picture.

Other exercises include bridge thrusts. I will continue this blog with other exercises I do.

Do you have butt or lower back pain? What do you do for relief? Have you had this problem?