March 19th, starts my next level of personal bFIT 2012 goals. I start my sessions with IFBB PRO Stacy Simons -McDowell.


I am so excited to see how my body responds to this new kind of training. A bit nervous but I am determined as ever. I will be following a strick diet. Mostly high protein, fiber and low carbs. I love the Metabolic Effect fat loss lifestyle plan. This figure needs to shred about 30lbs of fat. Time to really get busy. I hope to see great results and a leaned out physique by my 41st bday, Septemeber 30th. Yay! So once again I am putting my life in the hands of another trainer. Stacy Simons-McDowell. Don’t you just love her delts and that beautiful smile.

My diet consist of 6 meals with supplementation. I plan to introduce a new food each week. I am longing to try some kale everyone has been raving about about. I have a new relationship with the sweet potato and have had it three times this week.

My breakfast this morning was

Egg whites, spinach, broccoli and green peppers with feta cheese. 2 slices of turkey bacon and 1 slice of rye toast. 12 oz of water with lemon.
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The workout was intense, I felt very strong in the beginning until my legs really gave out in 15 minutes. It was good and I know I was hitting a new zone.

I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t complete the entire workout. I am not sure what happened. It could have been one of three things. My BP could have went to the roof or I didn’t have enough carbs in me. Then it could have been the BSN Ignitor shot I took one hour before. I knew the workout would be a push. But I didn’t think that I would nearly pass out.


>;;;;Plié squats 20 x3 w/ 30lb DB

>;;;;Static Lunges 15 x3 w 25lb DB each leg

>;;;;Hamstring curls lying on bench with and Coach putting the resistance.

>;;;;30 Calf Raises standing on weight plate

>;;;;Dead lifts toes on weight plate 3×10 w 25lb DB


>;;;;Reverse Gip pull downs

>;;;; Standing straight Arm lateral pull downs

We did about two rounds of this circut and then concluded my workout. This I all I had in me. After completing the second circuit of LATS I began feeling light headed. I took a rest, walked around, stretched then had to sit on the bench. I felt LIKE the day I was 13yrs old and my mom was putting my earrings in and I was passing out. WHAT IN THE WORLD I WAS THINKING TO MYSELF? I started binding up the dizziness. I had to chugg down some Gatorade to raise my blood sugar. It helped but not my drink of choice. At that time I was getting nausea like never before. Had to make a beeline to the restroom. I didn’t vomit thank God but had to BM LIKE CRAZY. Workout was over.

I can say that the workout did pay off. My legs screamed in pain for four days. I walked funny and couldn’t event touch them with the foam roller. I stretch and did cardio for four days thereafter.

Looking forward to next Monday’s workout session. I will stick to clean eating and just my BCAA’s for a energy pump and leave the Ignitor alone.