As the end of the 2011 year comes to a close, I challenged myself for a long run outdoors. I have a fear of running in the cold weather. The cold weather makes me go into a shell. I have a determination that if I am going to reach a fat loss goal before my upcoming Taebo recert that I would have to beak pass some fears. The consistency of including running to my regimen is one way that has helped me reach many of my fat loss goals. Today was the day that I come out of hibernating.

I decided today was the day of breaking that fear.

I layered up my clothing from head to toe. I had on my long spandex running pants and over them I had my Nike workout pants. These are more summer pants that is why I had to layer up. To keep my torso warm, I had my sports bra, my Nike cold gear top another light wear running top and my bFIT pink and grey sweat hoodie. Last but not least some red gloves.

I started with a warm up of power walking into skips and ended with some karaokes. I took a final stop to pay the water bill, lol (that is use the bathroom) to empty the bladder. And I was off. The weather was pretty good. Windy and crisp. I was surprised I didn’t get the burning in my nose from the cold air.


This is where I approach the favorite part of the park. I love the curve and the bend here.


Today I wasn’t worried about pace or finishing at a specific time. Today’s goal was to get out there and to get 5 miles in. As I completed my warm up I was hot and thought maybe I have on too much. I wanted to take off the sweat shirt but didn’t feel like having it tied around me, so I kept it on. I knew eventually I will hit a cold breezy spot in my run that I would get a little chill.

Today was a great accomplishment and I look forward to another run later this week.

What helps you keep running during the winter season? How do you gear up?

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