I’d like to interrupt my regular XM Training Program to give a shout out to God from whom all blessings flow, to give you this Thankful Thursday post.  I have been on a great spiritual, physical and emotional HIGH since starting my XM Training program just over two weeks ago. Are you following along with me?  I’ve been having some great workouts.

When you have a plan and a vision that is written down it makes it easier to follow.  Much like a check list. Habakkuk 2:2 says to “Write the vision down plan on tablets so that when a herald reads it he may follow.”  I have a plan and it is in black and white now all I have to do is execute the plan.

God has placed many in my circle of friends who motivate and inspire me to keep  going.  MY BFF,  hubby, Daniel aka ‘B’, he is the ‘b’ in bFIT4Life.  ( CHECK OUT HIS CLIP) He is so encouraging and has been in my support corner throughout my weight loss journey. He supports the many things I do.  I am his back to back partner in ministry. I wish we could workout more together, but I do enjoy the walks that we take and the yoga he will soon be doing with me.  I love you dearly, ‘B’.

 ‘b’ with bFIT4Lifer Barbara Aponte

I am also grateful for my two sons, Daniel and Christopher.  My new passion for fitness has given me the new energy to care and keep up with them.  Daniel being a young man with special needs, God has giving me the strength to pick him up and carry him daily. Seeing him go through his physical struggles of life reminds me that the Lord would not put nothing more on me that I can not bare.  As I go for long runs, I run with him in mind because he can’t walk nor run. I run every race in honor of full.  The physical pain of fitness is not compared to the physical and emotional pain of living a life of Cerebral Palsy.

I want to give thanks to all my fitness favorites, Billy & Shellie Blanks for the best workout on the planet Tae Bo® .       Tae Bo®  Rocks!   It is through this workout system that, I have been able to shed over 60lbs of fat, gain self confidence, a new look on life and inner strength by connecting more with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Tae Bo®  reaches the heart of the people. Since my 2008  Tae Bo® Fitness certification I have become part of an awesome team and surrounded by a new family at Team Tae Bo® .  I am grateful for Stacey Long aka Taebodiva for setting me on my path, working diligently with me to prepare for certification camp.  She has a love and support for want we do at bFIT4Life Ministries and she knows that she plays a great part in the birthing of this ministry. She is a great friend indeed.  To my new friend, Krista Johnson of FIT By Faith, someone I know God placed in my path for a purpose.  She has been called to mentor many,  she has been chosen by God to be my mentor from afar.  I love her passion, zeal and relentless sacrifices.


         Billy & Shellie Blanks                              Me, Billy & Stacey Long         Krista Johnson

To some of the my other fitness favs like Bob Harper, and Jillian Micheals inspiring me to do more through the Biggest Loser workouts, the show and their own personal training workout systems.  You are great Trainers. I aspire to be as great as you are.

To Shaun T.  for answering my prayer to want plyometrics and H.I.I.T programs.  I like Insanity.  This is one of my cross train workout programs.  I have not followed this program for the complete 60 days yet.  I eventually will to see what transformation I can get. I do this workout when I want that extra push, when I want that heart pounding straight cardio blast!

I have a host of Twitter favs who really put out great content. One favorite are the founders of  a new program I am loving called Metabolic Effect. The ME diet it is called.  I like it because it is simple and easy to follow.  The nutritional part reminds me of the Daniel Fast. VERY CLEAN.  I am looking to get my nutritional certification through ME. Learning to transform my physique through Rest Based Strength Training. LOVE it! and Love them for discovering it.

 Jade Teta and Jill Coleman Teta

Last but not least, to all my bFIT4Lifers.  you are all why I am still doing what I do.  I think of you during my most challenging workouts. Pray for you daily and desire for you all to live a bFIT life. Anything is possible when you believe!

A shout out to P.T. ,my pastor.  Pastor Titus Buelna of Victory Outreach Philadelphia Church for your support in hosting bFIT4Life Ministries.  Because of  your heartfelt passion to love God, people and ministry, you have inspired me to be the best I can in Christ Jesus.  Love you much.