My Message today was this!

Two days and I am back to blogging about my XM Training program.  I started off the day a little tired but pressed thru.  I was excited for the Run for the US Troops, this 5k  has been a long time coming for me to get back in there.  I am looking forward to my next one in two weeks. Then I’ll be heading into a 8 or 10K in October and then November my Cooper Norcross Bridge Run working on yet another personal best.

Todays Recap,  I set out to hit a PR.  I did but not with the time I was shooting for.  I finished at 35:09 and placed 17 out of 20 in my age group 29-39.  My goal today was to finish in 30-32 minutes.  The ultimate 5K goal is to get her done in under 30 minutes.  We are off to a great improvement from  my frist 5K time of  37:24 is to current time of 35:09. I shaved off 2:15 minutes off my first race. Woot Woot!  I guess I am almost a roadrunner. Not quite we still have some work to do.

I could say that this was the hardest I ran my 5K’s.  The next one for sure I will be in it to win it for my age group.  The weather was a little humid, I felt that I started off tired.  I don’t think I got enough good sleep. Sleep in so important.  Then to start off the day I banged my knee on the end of my bed .  Sounds like a bunch of excuses right?  Well they are not.  All vaid, but still it was a great race.  I will keep running to get to the prize.  I kept telling myself to Push and not give up.  I felt I was focused during the run.  My mind wasn’t scattered like my run the other day.  I can feel it now as I am recoverying.  My legs are tingling. :0) What ever that is ?  Glutes are sore too. 🙂 and I am very tired.  I woke with a headache at about 2:00 pm.  The three hours of sleep felt good.  I could of slept more but needed to make a hospital visit.

I was really glad to see that they had a prize category for kids 14 and under.  There was a 6 year old boy that won 2nd place for his age group.  What an inspiration!  He was so proud.  I wish I could of taken his picture.  He say’s he was going to take his medal for show and tell.

As I prepare for my next race, what tips can you give me to be able to run faster? I really value your feedback

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Lisa Bishop is a certified Tae Bo® Group Fitness instructor
AAAI/ISMA Certified Personal Trainer
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I am grateful for the cause that I ran for.  Our US Troops