4 weeks out and 24 days before the BIG 40 birthday celebration.  And I am focused on one thing, reaching for that prize.  Reaching that weight goal of 170lbs.

This month, I committed to stick to my workout plan called  XM Training .  XM meaning Extra Mile.  I know that I have to go the extra mile in these last weeks if I am going to get the results that I want. Yay!  That means to chop my workouts up throughout the day, but make sure I get them done. I have been telling myself that I am just as important as my client.  I am my best client.

Another Goal this month is to increase  more hours of sleep. Weather it is taking afternoon naps or getting in an evening nap at 9:00 pm  of 2.5 hr before picking up my husband up form the train station.  Sleep is important for fat loss and activating the HGH Human Growth Hormone responsible for fat lost.

Today’s Tuesday WORKOUT

Yoga at Lucille Roberts Gym was replaced with and evening stretch with the husband I also did a tread workout of sprints and the onto Joggerverals.  This is a workout out I got courtesy of JillFit.com

My Treadmill workout started off with a 1mile warm up at 2.5% incline and 5.3 speed.

  • 10 minutes at 5.5- 6.2 speed and no incline
  • 1 minutes @ 12% incline at a 6.5 speed ( the remainder of workout stayed at 12% incline)
  • 1 minute at 2 speed
  • 1 minute at 6.5 speed
  • 1 minutes at 2 speed
  • 1 minute at 6.5 speed
  • 1 minute at 2 speed

1 minute at 6.5 speed and a final 1 minute at 2 speed.  This gave me approximately 30 minutes of busting cardio. Heartrate goes through the roof, body heated and legs to fatigue. It feels great !! I love a workout out that really pushes you and this circuit is kick butt for sure.

Strenght Circuit Back and Chest

  • Bent over row on the bench 3 x 12 @ 15lb bells
  • Push ups 3x 10 Starting on the toes then with wide legs and fatigue to the knees.  ( These are tuff for me but much improvement)
  • Pull overs on the bench with 15lbs
  • Chest Press  Sit ups with 8lbs
  • Chest fly with sit up sith 8lbs
  • Lat pull downs on stability ball 3×12
  • Lateral raises with resistance bands 3×12
I looked forward to some stretching time this evening with the hubby.  He helped me with a few of my split stretches.  I even had him do a few too.  He still owes me a yoga session.
What is your favorite chest or back exercise?
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Lisa Bishop is a certified Tae Bo® Group Fitness instructor
AAAI/ISMA Certified Personal Trainer
AAAI/ISMA Certified Weight Loss Management Consultant