I have entitled this blog entry, ” The Extra Mile ” because this is where I am personally with reaching toward my goal weight by my 40th birthday.  As you may well know, I wrote a previous blog entitled ” I Press Toward the Mark” back in June, this you could say is the sequel or my update.  We are currently 4 weeks out and I am shooting for a steady 3lb fat loss goal over the remaining weeks to shed my last 15lbs. Of course we know that  nutrition is 80% of what will yield the results I am looking for.  I am following the ME Diet and I am using the ramp it version in these upcoming weeks. I love the program have learned a great deal on the hormonal effects food have on your body in regards to fat loss.  I am planning to get there nutritional certification this year too.

The past two months, keeping up with my personal training program has been very difficult.  Being a Certified Personal Trainer, Mom, (PW) Pastor’s Wife and my new roll Landlord, has really thrown me a curve ball.  In addition, to moving. I feel like I been jumping over a few hurdles. I feel like in the last month, I have gained about 10lbs of stress weight instead of loosing it. LOL! Well I didn’t gain 10lbs maybe 5lbs.  So I decided to crack down and REFINE my schedule to a more focused one. I’ve come to the realization that it is going to take me going the EXTRA MILE to get what I want to accomplish the results of a more refined physique and shred FAT poundage. I plan to keep this schedule as a regime for the remainder of the year, only tweeking it when needing to.  I have been following a Twitter Friend, Coco and her training program, I love her consistency and continuous strength training regime.  She has a great blog too.  I love how she daily blogs.  Are goal this month is to grow in our  blogging to0. Keep that in prayer!

I started this September month off by celebrating my accomplishments before they have occurred. A little reverse psychology. Friday Sept 2nd,  I had a spa day.  An over due facial and and deep tissue massage. I call this a piece of heaven.  I felt so much better physically and mentally. For weeks, my skin  felt irritated and itchy and my face became very oily.  STRESS I say. My major stress was having  to deal with some property issues with my rental property in Philadelphia.

My Saturday started with training two morning clients at a the high school track.  Our cardio consist of running sprints.  I even did a few with them. Later,  I went to my new gym, Future Fitness. I hit it hard with strength and then soaked in the hottub for 15 minutes thereafter went into the dry hot sauna for another 5. I joined Future Fitness Center, because of a trainer friend’s program that is offered. It is called Fusion Cross Training .  Love the concept of his workouts, Heart, Muscle & Mind.  Thirty minutes of Cardio Intervals, 20 minutes of heavy strength training, and ending with yoga stretch. SOOOO Good.  I leave totally Fused, like a did something.  I have found that at this stage of me meeting my goals, I need to be pushed by others in the fitness industry.  It allows me to take the focus off of constructing a good fitness program for myself.  I am so busy with planning my clients programs that I don’t really have the time.  So I figure put myself in the hands of another professional, use the gym membership at least three days a week, WHAT ARE YOU PAYING FOR?  This is where I am learning to go the EXTRA MILE> GET out of the comfort zone of my home studio, get to the gym and work it! So this is as far as I can go with my planning, here it is.



  • Cardio Run 3.5 miles ( In the Park – Outside)
  • Leg and Shoulder Day ( Will be going light with shoulders due to my new found shoulder issues.)
  • I teach a Taebo Class in the evening ( extra cardio  about 560 calorie burn for me)
  • 20 minutes of stretching AM Foam Rolling – PM full body static stretches of 30sec
  • AM Yoga Class for Athletes
  • 100 yard Sprints 6-8
  • Chest and Back Strength training
  • Training clients in the evening
  • Joffervals 30minutes Mileage various about 3.5 ( You have to try this )  Great burn out on the legs and glutes
  • Legs and ARMS
  • P90X Ab Ripper (Killer Ab moves) In addition 3- 1 minute plank holds
  • REST DAY – Just Stretching, Foam rolling and Physical Therapy Exercises homework for my back/shoulder
  • Training Clients/ Orientations at Lucille Roberts
  • Morning Client at my Home Studio
  • Cardio:  Insanity and Spinning Class
  • Shoulders & Core & Glutes
  • Stretching & Foam rolling
  • Prayer Service
  • Rest Day
  • Insanity Balance DVD
  • Bob Harpers Balance DVD
  • Prepare stuff for church
Sundays: EXTRA MILE DAY– This is usually a rest day, but now we are changing it, so it is going to be a push for me to get this workout in. PRAY FOR ME!
  • Sprints
  • MORE Core
  • Taebo Prep for Class
  • Physical Therapy Exercises homework for my back/shoulder
  • Sunday Morning Worship Service
So you see my end result on Sept. 30th, my 40th birthday, I want to strike a pose in this Carmelita Couture dress. Yay! Follow me daily for my complete training program. AND WATCH ME WORK! VBLOGS COMING UP.
Wish me the best.  Root for me and if you have an exercise that would benefit me, please post.  I’d love to try it. Send me a youtube link.
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Lisa Bishop is a certified Tae Bo® Group Fitness instructor
AAAI/ISMA Certified Personal Trainer
AAAI/ISMA Certified Weight Loss Management Consultant