On this Labor Day Holiday,  I got  in an afternoon run.  The weather was refreshing with a nice glorious breeze flowing. The goal was to complete  3.5 mile  in the neighborhood but ended up with 3.27 according to Nike+.   I mapped out doing my Pop Pop run route.  The run from my house to the house that I lived in with my grand pop. One thing I love about moving back to New jersey, is that I see many  runners daily.  If that is not motivation and inspiration to stay fit I don’t know what is.

I felt this was a really crappy run,  I had a hard time finding my groove and felt unfocused.  Too many things ran through my mind and I got a runner’s crap in my side.  I think that was the half grapefruit I snack on within 15 minutes of running.  This was run was hard and felt really nausea afterward. UGGGG!

My pre workout banana protein shake of Syntha-6 by BNS. Great fuel for a pre-workout.  This gives me a little more carbs then my Lean Dessert protein shake.                    No big Monday breakfast today but a delicious fat loss meal of egg whites, tuna and lots of water with lemon.

Here is my RunKeeper stats for this run. My RunKeeper stopped on me for some reason.  Definitely time for a Garmin for more accuracy. This certainly not a time I was expecting for my  5K Run this Saturday.

After stretching and foam rolling I went into my strength circuit :

  • The Lung Hybrids workout were done with 10lbs and reps of 12.  The entire circuit is done continues for 20 minutes I usually complete the entire circuit 2-3 times.  Today I only did twice.

I will not be teaching Taebo Class tonight, but will still be doing TaeBo  I plan on popping in the 1:30 video Workout of Ultimate Taebo.

Do you have a exercise I could add for legs or shoulders that is not perhaps shown in my circuit?

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Lisa Bishop is a certified Tae Bo® Group Fitness instructor
AAAI/ISMA Certified Personal Trainer
AAAI/ISMA Certified Weight Loss Management Consultant