Today I had the oppournity to train my client Tammy in running 2 miles. What a privledge it is to mentor someone. This journey brought back memories of where I was two years ago.

Tammy is looking to shred about 10lbs of fat by November. She will be getting married. Woot Woot! I call her my bFIT4Liferzilla. Her training includes cardio endurace, strength training, core and flexibility. We started our training about a month ago at Lucille Roberts. She is currently training outside of the gym with bFIT4Life three days a week. She has improved in her strength greatly. I am looking forward to seeing her 30 day results.

We had an awesome run today. She press through kept a great pace during the first mile. She begins to see a little fatigue at about 1.25. Today’s focus was about getting to that 2 mile. Not focusing on time or  pace although we have a reference point for later progress.

Here are her results via Runkeeper

Tammy is currently running about a 13:20 pace per mile. Her goals are to complete a her 1st 5K this year.  I am confident that she will.

Take a look at some of the scenes during our route today.  I am looking forward to taking her later this week to a college park which was my training ground a few years ago.

 I really like this street.  It is part of my new neighborhood. A little hilly but good.Tammy tackled this one well.

Strength training for Tammy exsist of:


Bicep curls/ Tricep Kick backs/ skull crushers

Shoulder press/ Chest press/ and Arnolds

Plank holds/ Plank jacks/ Plank twists

Push ups/ Squat Push ups

She is up to  20sec sprints intervals on the tread at 5.5 speed. We usually get 8-10 in a one track lap span. Stay tuned for a update on Tammy’s training.

Let’s cheer her on and post some tips to her here.  She is very motivated by my coaching and likes how I push her to reach past her limitations.

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Lisa Bishop is a certified Tae Bo® Group Fitness instructor
AAAI/ISMA Certified Personal Trainer
AAAI/ISMA Certified Weight Loss Management Consultant