I had a glorious workout planned for the week we were away at our church conference in Los Angeles, California.  The goal is not to return home 5lbs heavier especially when the goal is to loose 6 before the end of his month. This is going to be the most challenging week for me, but will not let is sabotage my progress. Away from home and my workout space. Going to have to adjust to a new timezone schedule.  What I love about the West Coast time is I get to get a few hours more sleep.  But I will have to use one for a nice workout.  30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of intense strength is what I planned.  Lets see how it goes.

Hitting the gym at the hotel. Here is the view. A little room with not weights. Uggh

Not Lots to work with. I wanted to bring me some dumbbells so bad. I did bring back up. My T3 Taebo Wieghts and bands. I also went old school with the two water bottles. Used these during my ab exercises.


Monday June 20th

Today’s focus was Ab intense.

Ran on tread at a nice 6-7mph speed.  This should get me winded, the body heated and a chance to get a little speed work in. Remember we are pushing to improve our 5K time by 6 minutes in our next race. The goal is to complete a race in mid July Yay! Still looking for one to get into.  I am thinking of a local NJ race.

Low plank holds 60 secs 3 reps

25 cruches on stability ball/ Roll over to do 30 sec of mountain climbers 3 reps.   (This is an intense combo) burn on top of burn.  Since there was only cardio machines, I had to do without the stability ball.

25 reverse crunches 3 reps. I did these with straight legs.  Held onto the bottom of the bed post and lift those legs.  Works wonders for the lower abs.

Pilates bicycle abs military style. the count is 1,2,3,1 -1,2,3,2 -1,2,3,3- all the way to 25. Sure to bring the abs to failure.

Ending it all with a nice 10 minutes of three yoga stretches.

  • pigeon yoga pose.  Great for opening up the hips.( Click the link to see the video. ) I’ll be glad to get my hips all the way forward and down like the lady in the video.
  • I also did the Warrior 1 to the 2 pose.  Great for my legs, hamstrings stretch and hips too.

Tuesday June 21th
Was a day to serve in our children’s ministry.  No workout but walking mileage.  Got some stretching in throughout my time serving and playing with the kiddies on the floor.  I really had fun with the Walking 1’s.

Wednesday June 22nd
Rest, stretch and hydratation. My legs were feeling heavy for some reason. It could of been because I have not been able to workout the way I’ve wanted too or  It could of also been that my feet and calfs were getting most of the working out in my heels and wedges. Next week will be a week of intensity for sure. Planning workouts now.

Thursday & Friday I did no workouts.  Felt a little bummed there was just no time.  On the go to and from services.  One thing for sure I have done alot of walking while being here.  On these days i really watched my carb intake.  Because I didn’t need the extra energy carbs were not need, but I did indulge in having treats of sweets one each day in the place of carbs at meals.  I don’t know how that will weigh- in.  I was craving sweets everyday.  I guess the lack of  my regimen of my supplements and protein shakes was the cause of this.

Saturday, June 25th  I got motivated to press in to get a workout in.  I started thinking about all the Taebo instructors that are at Re-Cert Camp this past weekend.  I am suppose to be there, but due to the conference.  I couldn’t make my scheduled re-cert camp.  I know they are going through the fire and being stretched physically. After prayer, devotion and listening to the services online I got my Taebo DVD out and went to town.  Felt great.  I also did this ME leg workout. Check out the link. I know you will love it.

Sunday, Jun 26th  We leave to head home on a red eye flight. Going to be a fun day.  I got up early for a run after breakfast and prayer . I wanted to go swimming but decided to lay by the pool and tan instead. Looking forward to getting home and getting busy with my new ” Pressing Toward the Mark Training Program.

So when going on vacation, in order to stay commitment to your FIT lifestyle it takes, balance, discipline, focus and determination.  I am determined not to return home and the scale read 5lbs more.  I know I have to be active and not indulge into eating too much high carbs and sweets. I have a goal this month to be 6lbs leaner.  Fix your eye on the prize and keep running the race that is set before you.

Unfortunately at the posting of this blog I am still in California because I flew on standby flights and it is a peak flying time. Two days of relaxing and no workouts.  I am so ready to get into my workout plan.  Bummed because my sneakers are at the Philadelphia Airport and at home or else I would go running.  I only have shoes and flip flops. SO going for walks a few times throughout the day and indoor interval circuits will have to do until I get home.

How do you stay active while on vacation?  Do you plan for fitness while on vacation? How do you think the bFIT4Lifer did while away? Post your comment please.

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Lisa Bishop certified Tae Bo group instructor AAAI/ISMA Personal Trainer and Weigh Loss Management Consult