Beginning this June,  I am going for the home stretch of training down and shredding my last 30lbs of fat.  I am on a journey to a fit, tight, tone body for my 40th birthday celebration, September 30, 2011. This is going to be the toughest milestone of my bFIT journey.  They say the last of the vanity pounds are the hardest. My 40th birthday is a day I have been visualizing for days on end.  I have this designer dress that I’m dying to get into for about a year now.  Need to loose about 2-3 inches in this hips. Would be nice.

So follow me as I press toward the mark.  I will be posting my weekly progress and training schedule. You can also follow me on my new fitness APP as well.

 You can get the bFIT4Life APP.  It is not available on the iPhone yet but will be by the end of summer. Our APP is a great way to stay up to date with our ministry events, class schedule, bFITScripts, Fat loss tips, this blog, the bFIT4Lifer’s progress (that is me) and more.

Here is an overview of  my week training schedule.  You will find that I like variety to keep challenging myself and the workouts fresh.

My program call for 2 H.I.T.T. classes which will consist of the Shaun T Insanity 60 Day program. I would love to follow the program for the 60 days to put the program to the test.  Instead I will be doing two of his videos on these days of my H.I.T.T. training.  I love this because of the cardio intervals and it gets tougher at the end with the strength segments.  There are no weights involved only your own body resistance.  Have you tried Insanity?  It is insane. As a trainer, I believe your own body resistance is the best weight there is.  It really tests your mind, will and strength.  And I love it because in a short time  which is a 15 minute warm-up I am busting a major sweat.  I feel like my body is fused. Will you go a littler deeper?  What I like about this program is that Shaun has track and field knowledge and I noticed when I started this program in the past and followed with consistency.  My speed and flexibility has increased with my running. I love the plyometric jumps.  I like feeling airborne.

Running twice a week.  One day of an easy 3.5 miles.  On my easy run days, I plan on using it to work on speed and building up my pace to about 10:30 to 10:00.  Within each mile I plan on getting some sprints in there.  I really want to improve my 5K PR time of 36 minutes to about 32-30.  My easy run day will also have some variation in them too.  On my hard run days I plan on making them 10K days. 6.2 miles in under an hour and twenty minutes, my personal record from the “Run the Bridge” 10K.  The running will be the most areobic exercise apart from me teaching my Taebo classes.  When I am not teaching I will be taking another instructors Taebo class.

3 Days of Strength training.  My strength training days will consist of 30 minute spark metabolic physique conditioning. Two of these training days will be day that I will lift very heavy. I love the ME style  workout circuits. On one of my strength days I will incorporating  P90X workouts in rotation with Bob Harpers Inside Method dvd series.  Tony Horton is a little boring to me but there is nothing like a little muscle confusion.  Bob Harper  is inspirational and motivating and besides I love the Biggest Loser.

Cross Train Day Fridays.  This is the day I use my Ballys membership.  I take a spinning or yoga class and allow myself to take part in the gym rat arena.  You see I tell my clients that I have lost over 65lbs and most of it came from workout out consistently at home not at a gym.  My body is a gym.  You just have to work it. The gym is great for its amenities. Sauna, Steam room, pool, the stairmaster and what every equipment I don’t have at home. I plan on joining another gym just for the TRX Suspension training classes. TRX is another great workout and a way to train, challenge and strengthen the body.

So you see,  I don’t think I left anything out.  With a great nutritional plan of clean fat loss eating and monitoring my carb intake of 3-5 bites according to ME.  I should shred in no time.

Here is me at the beginning of my bFIT journey in 2006.  I have come a long way.  Over 55lbs dropped. Love to be a 100lb testimony.

Check out my before pic Here. on June 17th, 2011 and we will see our progress in another 30 days. Yay!


My next side view photo I will be sure that I lift my hands so that you can see the circumference of my waist, It is getting tiny. Almost back to high school size. LOL

My goal this month is to drop 6 pounds of fat and see the 170’s.  Got you guessing on how much I weigh right?  I last weighed myself four weeks ago. 

Visit my website at www.bfit4lifeministries.org for more about our events, schedules and happenings.  Thank you for reading my blog and stay tuned to next weeks DIGGING Deep workout schedule while away on vacation.