Many believe eating for fat loss can become costly.  Want to live a healthy lifestyle?  You have to invest in it.  We spend so much money on things that are less important and no way attribute to our health or well-being. Which is more costlier ? Medical bills, doctors visits, medicine or making a great investment into your health with nutritional foods.  I rather pay a little more for my food than have a bill that I dread paying. Now you don’t have to spend lots of money when on a tight budget. I have recently been shopping at the Super Walmart.  There they have amazingly nutritional staples that are inexpensive you just have to comb through the isles for the good stuff.

Eating clean doesn’t have to be expensive if you know how to shop for great foods.  Buy only what you need and what can make several meals with a little.  One day, I spent $7.38 in Walmart for breakfast and snacks for a week. My list included oatmeal, almond milk, a bag of spring mix, and my almond 100 calorie snack packs (7) count. Seven is God’s favorite number. LOL . Means completion. We know that Walmart has become the superstore for everything.  I have been shopping there more often because the Trader Joes and Wholefoods which are my favorite markets for organic foods is about  a 35 minute drive away for me. I can walk to the Walmart if need be. I recently found that even some of the Walmart brands like Great Value foods are nutritionally sound for the fat loss lifestyle.  One staple, I have been waiting for them to stock are Popchips.  I replaced these for Doritos. I like them when I have that salty crunch craving.

My List of my healthy staples include

  • Feta Cheese ( I am disciplining myself to stay away from cheese, this is healthier.  I put in eggwhites, salads and on veggie burgers)
  • Oatmeal 
  • Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk ( I use in my oatmeal, and the base for my protein shakes.  It even tast great by itself.  Gonna try freezing some and mix with fruit for a smoothie.)
  • Dasani Water by the case only $3.98 for 24
  • Fuze drinks $1.00
  • Tropicana 50 OJ $2.48
  • Vegetarian egg rolls ( Only 100 calories each, served good with spicy mustard and 1 is very filling makes a great snack)
  • Chobani Greek yogurt
  • Egg Whites. These are my favorite.
  • Morning Star veggie burgers and sausage patties.( great source of protein)
  • Large selection of frozen vegetable. ( I usally spend $20 in just frozen veggie, goes a long way specially when you are the main one eating them.)
  • Missions Tortillas.  For wraps these are the best.  ( I cut them in half and put all the goodies in them)  I get 5 starch bites so half is good)
  • I don’t buy sugar, but have replaced my sweetener of Splenda to Truvia. ( I use it in my cocoa drink, tea and if I really need to sweeten something,)

I also discovered the Organic isle where I found some spanish spaghetti that is gluten-free.  Great for adding into my veggie stir fry.  I also picked up some gluten-free brownie mix and can’t wait to make some protein brownies. Stay tuned for the recipe.

I hope this blog gives you some great ideas on great nutritional staples for the fat loss lifestyle. I wrote this blog because I have lost lots of weight from eating healthy but now I am concentrating on eatting for fat loss.  Cutting out the bad and excess fat from my diet, so that I can become a fat burning machine.   If you are interested in Nutritional couceling visit us at  for our online coaching.

“Remember a healthy diet does not equal a fat loss diet. A fat loss diet always equals a healthy way of dieting” – Metabolic Effect