May 1, 2011 , the day my faith was stretched, my gladiator moment and my 1st long distance run. Today, I set a personal record for running my longest distance in history, 10 miles.  My official chip time of 2:15:10. It was a push, but a great one.  The prayers, those that fasted for me and the energy from the runners was amazing. I set several fitness goals for myself this year. One to be at my goal weight of 165lb by my 40th birthday coming this September.  With all the running I am doing in the next three months I should be at that goal. Second, to improve my 5k record time to 32-35 minutes.  I am still working on this one current personal record is 36:54 from 37:24.  Third to register and complete the Broad Street Run, the largest 10 miler in the United States. Running with 30,000 peeps.

  I look really good here.  Don’t you think?  Trimming down nicely thanks to good clean eating, much prayer to make the right food choices, exercising consistently and doing the hard stuff like running. I cry after every run.  It is such a joy of accomplishment.

My Broad Street Run experience.

I rose early this morning and had 6 ounces of Dessert Protein Shake and oatmeal with a little blueberries & raspberries for breakfast. Had  prayer with some Philly Church fokes and energy supplements to get me started.  Dressed myself hoping to not forget anything.  I walked a .50 mile to the starting line. I thought this was a good warmer upper for me before I got into some deep stretching.  Then came the time to “pay the water bill” (use the restroom) one final time before entering into my coral. Of course the port-a-potties had major lines so I desicded to use the Mc Donalds which had even longer lines. Next stop was to try the Hospital.  The security guy would not let us in, so a group of about 15 ladies including me decided to use the outside bathroom.  We found a dug out and did you know what.  While one squated and urinated the rest of us stood around in cover and stetched trying to not draw attention to what we were doing in the little dug out outside the hospital. The things we go through to get our run on. YAy!

When you have to go, you have to go.  Lord God forgive us. LOL

Then it was time to line up in our coral.  People were excited and the energy was awesome! from the runners. At this point my nerves were calming down.

Here is the view as I lined up.  A little blurry but you can see the sea of runners.   and yes there were runners behind me too.

Here is a copy of the course map.

As I ran, I kept a positive attitude and meditated on the word of God.  Not letting a doubting thought enter my mind that, I was not going to finish this.  I thought about how many times I drove my car this course and I began to visualize this run as if I was just taking a slow drive pace through the city.  Enjoying the sites, embracing the cheers of the people from the neighborhood, businesses, and volunteers.  I even high five folks along the way.  I lived in Philadelphia for a long time and today I embraced the spirit of the city’s love as they rutted me on. I passed my old street Rockland Street along the way.

In south Philly, I snapped this because it was my maiden name, Moore Street.  Didn’t know this street existed in Philadelphia.

As I approached, Temple Hospital which was about mile 2, there was a coral of patients in wheelchairs.  I had to go over and high five them because they reminded me of my son, Daniel.  What a great reminder of why I was running today.  I have a son who can’t walk or run.  I know my legs will not forgive me for taking them thought the stress and strain, but my soul rejoices because I relied on my heavenly father to carry me through to the finish line.

My Turning Point

 I passed this along the way and could’t pass it up.  This was like my message to the fat demon.  The fat demon in my life  tries to creep up from time to time and bombard my mind saying that I can’t do this or tell me that I will always be fat and and never overcome obesity. I declared to you Satan on this day that I did it.  This made a bold statement to him who said I was crazy for doing this.  Well Satan, I came to declare to you today that I ran 10 miles and YOU can’t Stop me from running more.  I am going to do what I have to do to bFIT4Life and bring as many others along the way. I stand on John 3:30 ” He must become greater, I must become less.”  and ” Greater is he that is within me, then he that is in the world.” 

Here is were I began to get some momentum and a sense of empowerment to push harder.  At mile 8 my glutes felt like they were on fire and were going to melt off my body. (LOL)  My calfs and quads didn’t feel fatigue until the end. At no time did they feel like brick or get heavy.  I am getting stronger I said to myself. Yay! But my right foot was getting sore because of a toe I believe.

The Finish-line

Looking for one of my bFIT4lifers at Patterison Street  was an awesome joy to see. Someone who looks up to me.  Gave me even more courage to continue.  At this point, I know we were getting closer to the finish line all the runners were merging right.  Another runner next to me was saying, ” Where is this Finishline already.”  She was saying what I was thinking to myself. (LOL) Many supporter were cheering us on letting us know we were close and almost there.

I really enjoyed this race and will do it again next year.  I will be putting a team of bFIT4Lifers to join me.  I thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed my experience as much as I did.  Still recovering and gearing up for some 5K’s and to train for my first half marathon by the end of the year. I am looking to join a running club to get some training too.

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