April 25, and counting until the Broad Street Run.  I am excited, nervous and feeling emotional but full of confidence that I am going to finish. This will be a week of spiritual, physical and emotional preparation.  I love taking journeys.  It always give me something to reflect back upon.  I can’t wait to go shopping for new running pants at Lululemon .  Was already assigned a  Race Bib Number:  24134. Will be picking up my packet on Friday morning after my spin class. Yay! Wanted to get a special shirt made but I don’t I will have time so. I will being wearing my pink bFIT4Life shirt in honor of a cure for Cancer.  I have lost my aunt, Rose, a grandfather and grandmother to cancer. I am also running this race in honor of my son, Daniel who can’t walk or run.

April 25th Workout

Today I wanted to do my last long run but it became a my last strength day.

The warm up  consist of Rodney Yee’s Yoga Burn.  It is moving slowly in and out of the poses and a great way to learn how to move into the poses correctly.  A great beginner yoga video. I found it a little challenging because of losing balance in some of the poses, but will definitely help in improving the core.  I really liked the new boat poses I learned.  A great stretch for the quads, loved it. His instructions are so clear and enjoyed some of the new poses that are not in Bob Harper’s Yoga Warrior video. Love the music so soothing to my soul.  One day my core will be so strong I will be able to hold that handstand on my forearms. Yay! Speaking it into existence.

Taught Taebo® and Weight Wars Fitness Class this evening.

April 26th My longest run in the history of this life and my running journey.  8 miles I plan to go and at race pace of 11:00 -10:30.  Many say that when training for race many don’t train and complete the entire race distance.  We will put this to the test come Sunday.  One coach said, If you can run 2 then you can train up to 8 and you will finish the 2 because you started at 2.   Look for todays stats later  see what the stats look like. Going to try posting both Runkeeper and Nikeplus gps if I can get it up and going.

Here is one of many fighting scripts I meditated on while running.

FITScript: “I pray that out of His glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being.” Ephesians 3:16

I keep thinking about the finishline and getting this.

2011 Medal