May 1, 2011 will be a day to remember.  My tour de france, the start of my marathon running.  I will be running the largest 10miler in the Delaware valley with over 30, 000 people, the Broad Street Run.  We will be running down Broad Street in the beautiful city of Philadelphia.  My longest  run to date is a 10K in November 7, 2010.  I still relive that race moment each time I cross the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.  Training for the Broad Street Run has been tuff with my busy work and ministry schedule.  I could say that I followed my training schedule about 75%.  I think the help of a running club or team would have been great training for me. I will consider it for my next big race, a half marathon.  Yes, yes, yes this is my next FIT goal for the year.  I will tackle this before the year is over.

I have an upcoming 5K on April 28th to do my personal record of 32:00 minutes. That is shaving 5 minutes off my first 5K race time.  I will be running for a prize in this race. Yay!

Here is a my final weeks training and prep for this race:  Feel free to follow along. I will be tweeting this blog daily to keep you posted and so my followers can cheer me on.  I am looking for some of my bFIT4Lifers fan to support me at my May 1st race. I run because my son Daniel can’t, so he will be on my mind throughout the race whenever I feel like wanting to quit.

April 18

Insanity Cardio & Resistance & Power (I love the plyo jumps and the tricep moves)

Squats and walking lunges

April 19th 

3.5 run outside time 32:20 pace 10:34

Here is my ab routine for the day

In learning to get my abs tight and tone you have to go beyond three reps of 10. It’s time to go for the gusto, Take those abs to failure .  In Taebo  we call it power rounds of 50 reps.

April 20

Get ready for a nice 5 mile hill run.  I call this the “Pop Pop” run.  My course is from my house to my granddads old house home.  This course I have to tackle two nice hills. I haven’t done this course in a while and I am looking forward to this one in the morning.

Stretching and foam rolling.

I have to teach a Taebo® Class later this evening.  My recovery nap will be important.

April 21

This will be my hard run day.  I plan to run to work again.  This time a different course last weeks course was 5 miles this weeks course is 6.5.

Later this evening while training clients I will get some upper body strength work in and much stretching.

April 22

Spin class was scheduled today but I got up a little late. Phone was not charged which meant the alarm clock did not go off, so it became a run day.  I didn’t get in as a long of a run as I wanted.  I had to cut it short to go to work.  I will continue this one on Sunday after church for sure.  A last long run before the race. My time was very slow I feel because I got catch up into my scenery.  I guess this happens to all runners who lose themselves and time doesn’t become a concern only when you have to go to work. Here are a few shots along the way.  Who has time to take pics, right?  I did enjoy the run.  Here are my Runkeeper stats.

At the Copper River Park

April 23rd 

Rest Day Will be taking a ride to Washington for ministry Pastors training. Will do Bob Harpers Yoga Warrior video that evening. I love this video, the moves and the music.  If you want to put your body to sleep this is the video that will do it. Making me yarn just thinking of it.  I did pick up a new yoga video by request of my twitter friend and runner @CocosFight2BFit .  You can follow her!/CocosFight2BFit I choose the Yoga Burn video combo pack.  I am beginning to enjoy Yoga because some of the stretches are challenging.  I like to find new ways to stretch and relax my body.

April 24th will be a 5 mile day. I pray to get it done in 45 minutes. I plan to resurrect this day and Run & Rise with the sun to get it done.

Follow back for the final weeks schedule of activities.  Please comment any suggestions and tips for me. I am a novice runner and I love to run.  I feel I am getting stronger as a runner.  I still think it is hard and I cry at the end of each run. I know that it is something I need to do, to push, to get the last 25lbs of fat off by my 40th birthday 9/30/10.  In the name of Jesus!

FITScript:  “Discipling is knowing what you want.”

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