October 16th, I awoke nice and early. I wanted to be on time to get warmed up. Needed to prepare myself spiritually and mentally. We had breezy weather that day. The temperature was about 63 degrees. To me I was cold. Any thing under 65 is cold to me. People call me the heat girl. I love the hot weather. I like to sweat and the heat dozen’t bother me.

After arriving on location I went for a power walk if .5 mile then stretched. We had to walk an additional .25  to the start line.

When the gun went off for the start. I was so ready. There I went. I know in the first .25 I had started a little fast. So I had to pace it down. There were many peeps to reel in on but at some point I felt the need to let others reel on me.
As I approached 2.5 miles I checked my pace and started the Farleet training for the course of half of a mile. As I came around the bend and the other side of the park, I anxiously was looking for the finishline. Checking my time again I was clocking 32:00 minutes. My heart was over joyed saying.”I got this. I am going to beat my time of 38 minutes.” 

Getting closer to the funishline, I started sprints again. I could see the tent.” I am almost done.” I said to myself. Checking my time, 36:25. My heart was smiling. I started picking up the pace again. The Nike ipod lady said 200 kilometers. Then I saw April Holmes standing, guiding and cheering me to the finishline.

Approaching the finishline, looking at the clock.  37 I saw.”YEAH! I am doing this”, I said to myself. Coming through and sprinting to the finish. Crossing over and finishing at 37:24.

My first 5k. Now I am leaping into my first 10k on 11/7/10 Run the Bridge . Pray for me. I am estatic because my cousin who is my running coach is running with me.

Whenever you don’t think you can accomplish something you need to put your heart into it and you will find all the confidence you need to achieve and succeed.

“He must become greater, I must become less..” John 3:30