When people think of someone fit and in shape the first body part of focus is the abdomials. 

   ” He Must Become greater, I must become less.” John 3:30

Losing belly fat is all about your diet and nutrition. The only time that weight lifting or hard exercise becomes involved is once you’ve eliminated most of the belly fat and are trying to create a true hard six pack abs.

Here are 3 top fitness tips to getting rid of belly fat and having a rock hard six pack abs:

1. Avoid sugar

Sugar turns into un-used carbohydrates and the main place that carbs are stored is in your lower abdomen, thighs and upper arms. Avoiding sugar will remove a significant number of bad calories that turn into the belly fat that you want to get rid of. This was my addiction.  I had a love for the white stuff. Pastries, pasta and bread.  I now eat these things far far and inbetween and on social gathering settings.

The products that have sugar you need to avoid include: soda, cakes, candy and all sugary juices.

You should also avoid high carbohydrate foods such as breads, pasta and rice. This does not mean to completely avoid carbs, but you definitely need to limit the intake. Replace these with 100% whole grains like brown rice and whole grain pastas.  Swap white bread for  100% wheat bread,  rye or pumpernickle.  I love pumpernickle because it tastes sweet. The darker the bread and the more you can see the grain the better it is for you.  You are getting more fiber which will keep you fuller longer.

2. Avoid greesy foods

Greesy foods are high on bad fat that is also stored in the prime areas to turn into “belly fat.”

Try to grill as much of your food as possible and avoid “breading” and frying at all costs. Just this one implementation to your diet can make a big difference. I don’t do any frying any more and don’t it allow it in my house sorry the greese smell of meat makes me nausea.

3. Cutting out junk food

Chips, cookies and fruit snacks are a popular snack in the US and that also explains why US has absolutely the fastest population in the world. The key though is that the bad calories from junk food go right to your belly area. This was also a hard thing for me to.  I love doritos but now have a love for pop chips.  Much lower in calories and fat.

If you can implement the above diet tips alongside at least 30 – 45 minutes of exercise a day and you’ll immediately start seeing a major impact on your belly fat. As the belly fat decreases, you can intensify the ab related workouts to start toning and you’ll be well on your way to getting your six pack abs!

Here are a few ab workouts for you to do according to your fitness level.  These are all my favorites and make great circut workouts when done in intervals.

Beginners Levels:  Ab circut beyond the crunch. This makes agree circut to do in 30 second intervals over 15 minutes.

Intermediate Levels: Mommy pouch ab routine. Gaureented to get those abs burning. 

Advance Levels: Ab Planks.  I love this move because you can get more than just an ab workout.  It is strength and a bit of cardio at the same time.

You are on your way to great abs.  Post your results here we’d love to hear from you.