Are your arms getting bigger and bigger… meatier and meatier… flabbier and flabbier? Are you feeling embarrassed wearing your sleeveless shirts or always trying to pull your sleeves down to hide your arms?

Whether you’re a man or a woman and you’re sick and tired of hiding those incredible hulk arms and you are seriously committed to just lose those flabby arms once and for all… then keep reading, because you are about to come to the end of flabby arms episode! Are you ready to step out of the comfort zone and transform your body and get stronger then dip deep?

Flabby arms was an issue for me when I started my weight loss journey a few years ago. I called my arms, “pythons” , they were grossly big and would suck the life out of anyone I would wrap my arms around.

Then I discovered my love for TAE BO®. In Tae BO® you will do a lot of punching. With the use of the T3 weights you can define and sculpt nice arms. Push-ups and other free weight exercises target the muscles in the arms and is a great way to tone and give you the definition and great results you desire. In addition to working those arms your shoulders get a great workout too.

The tricep muscle takes a lot of work to bring the definition to those arms you want. Here are some exercises that will help sculpt and shred your arms. Check out the link on each exercise for a great tricep workout.

Tricep dips, tricep kickbacks with bumbells or bands, triangle pushups and add this 100 tricep dip challenge by Bob Harper. Push through the pain and dig deep. No pain, no gain!

Cardio is a key component to burning overall fat from the body. I love when I run that I get a great afterburn in my arms. That tells me that I have been contracting my biceps and triceps during this exercise and by adding the strength training this is a great way to fatigue and build muscle.

Ladies don’t be afraid to strength train. If your overall goal is to shred poundage and sculpt then you have to lift too. So dust off those 5lbs and get to pumping. You are closer to your results if you start today.

NEXT Weeks Blog will be on “Dethroning King Stomach”

by Lisa Bishop, Certified TAE BO® Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

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