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What is Tae Bo® Fitness?

Tae Bo® Fitness is an exercise that teaches a person how to communicate with their body. It teaches how the mind should operate with the spirit, in which God has blessed us. By the mind working with the spirit, one can learn how the body mechanics operate. Tae Bo® Fitness is a program that combines the best of a variety of different exercise disciplines to provide an overall workout. It is the combination of self-awareness and control of martial arts, the focus and strength of boxing, and the grace and rhythm of dance.

What is the History of Tae Bo® Fitness?

Tae Bo® Fitness was developed around 1976 by accident, when Billy Blanks was working out in his basement. When training, using the classic techniques from boxing and martial arts, he turned on the original “Rocky” theme song and started punching and kicking to the beat. Within 10 minutes he was exhausted. He then realized if he was tired, being one who worked out for hours at a time 7 days a week, he was definitely onto something. Thus Tae Bo® Fitness was born. Tae Bo® Fitness was first offered in Boston in 1982. In 1989, the program was moved to California where Billy & Shellie (his daughter) started teaching, first, out of a garage before relocating to their first brick and mortar studio in the Los Angeles area. Tae Bo® Fitness has been evolving ever since and when the first Tae Bo® Fitness workout video was released in 1998, it quickly became an international phenomenon.

What Makes Tae Bo® Fitness Different?

Martial arts and boxing develop strength, speed, balance, and awareness. The dance moves give the workout energy and rhythm that improves coordination as well as providing great strength training for the heart. Tae Bo® Fitness is also much more than martial arts, boxing and dancing. Tae Bo® Fitness trains you to respond mentally and physically with speed and accuracy. By using Tae Bo® Fitness philosophy and techniques (punching and kicking), you’ll discover how powerful your body is and how to use it to defend yourself. Although we hope you never get into a situation where you have to call upon these skills, a key to self-awareness is knowing that anything can happen and one should always be prepared for the unexpected. Practicing Tae Bo® Fitness will provide you with technical skills, quick reflexes, self-awareness and confidence that can prepare someone should they ever find themselves in a bad situation. Tae Bo® Fitness is your ultimate fitness protection program.

Tae Bo® Fitness was also the first program to incorporate the “Mind, Body, Spirit” philosophy that you see so prevalent in most workout programs today and one of the main reasons why Tae Bo® Fitness has been so successful and continues to thrive for over a decade. Imitation is the best form of flattery. Its cornerstone philosophy of focusing on building the “inside you” and the outside will automatically follow has not only helped millions around the world lose thousands of pounds but, more importantly, helped change the self esteem of those who felt inferior to believing they can overcome. This is why we do what we do. This is what makes it all worth while. And once you experience that joy, you’ll never want to do anything else!

The word “Tae” means “foot and leg” in the Korean language, due to the movements that emphasize the lower body. “Bo” is a shortened version of the word “box”. All the individual letters of “Tae Bo®” have an important meaning, as well, which speaks to the synergistic quality “Tae Bo®” Fitness. “T” = Total, “A”= Awareness, “E” = Excellent, “B” = Body, “O” = Obedience. Totally Aware of Excellent Body Obedience, Tae Bo® Tae Bo® Fitness is more than training your body and getting in shape. It is important to remember that Tae Bo® Fitness will give back to you whatever you put into it. It is like sowing & reaping, if you plant a seed and nourish it, it is guaranteed to grow. As your will is tested, it is also strengthened. When you push your body to the next level, you build it. As your mind and will are challenged, your spirit, that God has blessed you with, will reach new heights. This synergistic effect is the essence of how the mind, will, soul and body have come together to form Tae Bo® Fitness.

2 thoughts on “TAE BO® FITNESS

  1. Yes Tae Bo is definitely where its at. When I don’t run or do yoga I fit in Tae Bo. And the counting helps to keep you breathing which is very clever of him to do. I myself count when I run on the treadmill. I have done many of his videos. My favorite it the one with the bar.

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